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Speaking Schedule

Speaking Schedule

Dr. Minardi is the creator and head instructor of the Thompson Technique Seminar Series, and is also a consultant and instructor for the ICPA. Below are brief descriptions of his courses, and a schedule indicating where he will be teaching his courses in the next year.

Thompson Technique Seminar Series - Minardi Integrated Systems

Dr. Minardi has revolutionized this classic technique by creating an intensive, scientific and practical three weekend certification course like no one on the planet has ever done. Over fifty years ago, the Thompson Technique was first unveiled by Clay Thompson. This three part series will encompass all elements of the original technique and expand the teaching where Clay could not, due to the science limitations of his era. Several new aspects have been incorporated into this classic technique by Dr. Minardi, filling in any gaps that may have existed. This innovative Thompson Technique Program explains each step in depth, using the latest research in the fields of biomechanics and neurology for greater understanding. The Seminar Series prides itself with intensive hands-on participation, ensuring the doctor will be able to confidently use the material in an office setting immediately. Those familiar with Thompson will learn more than they ever thought possible. Those new to the technique will be taken from step one and accelerated at a comfortable pace to learn all material presented.

For more information about the course content go to the Thompson Seminars Page in this website.

ICPA Module
Practical Neurology: A Proposed Model of the VSC and its Clinical Application

The five component model of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) is broken down and discussed in great detail. Potential causes of the VSC and its proposed neurological implications on the human body are described in a clear and concise manner, giving the doctor a practical understanding of the material. The neurological model presented will outline the VSC's proposed aberrant effect on proprioception, nociception, immunity and the ANS. The neurological effects will be detailed at the site of subluxation, as well as the potential global effects on the human body. 

In addition to the neurology, Dr Minardi will offer in depth consultation and demonstration of Advanced Thompson Analysis for children, implementing a very large practical component to this weekend. Full spine analysis, detection and adjustments will be practiced within the seminar, providing a hands-on learning environment. The effects of each adjustment will be tied back to the neurology of the VSC, ensuring practical understanding of all topics covered.

Speaking Schedule - 2013 Schedule subject to changes, please check often for updates.